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I know this is a sensitive, seemingly unbelievable topic but just stay with me, let's take a small walk.

From the minute we were born, we were taught two things: 1+1=2 and the earth is a globe.

This information was then cemented into our minds through the school system and through the media that it became an unquestionable truth - and anyone suggesting otherwise automatically becomes a lunatic, good-for-nothing, unlearned fool.

Let's consider a small analogy here:


An animal enclosed in a small cage (take a rat in a small glass cage) where it is aware of the cage walls will not act and live like it would in the wild. It would go around the cage walls looking for an escape hatch and finding none, it would rest a bit but not give up. Occassionaly, it would test the integrity of the walls trying to look for a breach, a hole, a weakness. In its mind, it is fully aware that it is caged.

Now, let's take the cage and drop it in a forest somewhere. Remove the bottom glass wall and expand the rest to atleast a kilometre away. Provide food, sunlight, water and make the environment as it would be naturally. The rat would believe in its mind that it is in a natural forest and live life like it would in the wild. It would follage and maybe even raise a family. But in real sense, it is caged - it just doesn't know it.

Let's take it even further. If one day the rat finds its way to the glass wall, a mental shift would occur. It would suddenly realize that there is a barrier. There is a wall.

The first mental shift (question) will be 'What is behind this wall?' and so it would try climbing up the wall and if that fails, it would try going around it. If going past the wall fails, a greater question would rise up: How long has this wall been here? Who put it here and why? What does he want?

Now just replace the rat with a human, and the wall with the firmament or the dome as described in Genesis 1 and things become crystal clear.

The flat earth

I personally believe that the earth is flat. Flat as a pancake or a pizza with upturned edges.

It is unmovable and rests on pillars as described in the Bible. There is a glass dome (otherwise known as the firmament) that separates the heaven above and the earth below. This dome, I believe, has its edges in Antarctica.

The sun, moon and stars are small and revolving over the flat earth INSIDE the firmament. The planets, as taught in school, are known as 'The wandering stars' in the book of Enoch. They are stars which disobeyed God's commands and are wandering awaiting their judgement. Their is water above the firmament and that's why the sky is blue.

"Okay, okay I get it, so what's the point?" you would say

Remember our 'rat analogy' earlier? That's why it matters.

If you suddenly knew that there is a dome over our heads which goes all around us all the way to Antarctica, you would start questioning the reality with which you have been presented:

  • What do you mean a glass dome?
  • What does it look like?
  • What is it made of?
  • What is behind it?
  • Can we go and see it?
  • Who put it there?
  • What does He want?
  • How does He look like?
  • Can we talk to Him?

This would point you back to God the Creator. It would validate the Bible and result in a massive shift back to God. Humans would realize that we are the epitome of God's creation.

Now instead of answering these questions, the devil and his corrupt education system just created the 'globe earth' - a prison without walls; where humans are just a meaningless speck in an ever-expanding universe with billions and trillions of other galaxies and planets. This is the main reason for atheism and through the brainwashing of the media through TV and movies, most people now believe in aliens than in God.

Most people have resulted to materialism and not caring about the earth and the natural resources that are found therein because "Well, we can just move to another planet". It doesn't really matter if we destroy this one, there are billions of others like it.

But our earth is unique, actually, the whole universe is contained within the dome. The sun, moon and stars. Up, through the dome is heaven - God's throne room. Down, through the earth is hell. No flesh and nothing physical can get past the dome - you can only get out after you are dead; and then comes judgement.

Research Flat Earth. There is a lot going on than you think you know.


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