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Have you realized that the society has become and is becoming more evil as days go by? Things which were taboo about 10 years ago have been accepted and are being practiced by the society. We are slowly deteroriating as a society - forsaking the righteous things and moving on to immorality.

True love and care for one another has been replaced by selfish materialism. Open gates and welcoming homes have been replaced with gated communities with guards and CCTV cameras. Hard work never pays anymore - it has all come down to 'who you know' and 'how much you are willing to pay'.

I personally believe that the main reason for this is because we have become a brainwashed society ready to accept anything offered. We have become lazy that we don't seek and pursue truth anymore that we can accept anything else offered on its behalf.

Every day our minds are bombarded with excess information, from all angles, from all channels. Almost every home now has a TV or a radio. Almost everyone now has a smart(ish) phone. The young generation is spending hours and hours watching movies and series. Everyone has one or more active social media accounts - facebook, twitter, instagram just to mention the most common ones. we are not even talking of billboards, magazines, newspapers, etc

And we are all greedly swallowing up all this information in the name of 'entertainment'. We don't realize that most of this information is absorbed up by our subconscious even when we are not paying attention.

In between the entertainment and the fun, a message will be passed along subliminally. we won't even notice it but it will be implanted in our minds. The purpose is to make it 'normal' and pleasing to us, so that it will be easier for us to accept it as reality.


We have all heard of 'mpango wa kando' (A side chick). This info has been broadcasted by the media from all angles that it has now been 'accepted' by the society as reality. It is discussed on TV, radio, newspapers, almost on a daily basis that now men think that having a 'mpango wa kando' is their right, and a sign of 'manhood'. Every woman, even without having actual proof of an affair, thinks her man is cheating on her with a side chick somewhere.

The image of the 'perfect woman' has been so distorted by the media that now men are chasing after looks and figures whereas ladies are killing themselves (literally) to become 'light skins' and starving themselves to slim and get curves. The dress code for the ladies has also drastically changed that now it's all about how much you can show and still appear dressed.

Who told you that men must have a side chick? Who told you that you must appear a certain way to be 'loved'? Let me guess - you picked it up from a TV program, a movie or on social media. Prove me wrong.

Currently (2017)

As of right now, we are being brainwashed to accept homosexuality. Look at the movies being released, the TV programs being aired, the discussions on social media and the articles being churned out by 'media houses'. Do you see a trend?

Or are you among those that Jesus said, "they have eyes but don't see; they have ears but don't hear" in Matthew 13:13?

What to do?

We have to be very very careful of what we feed on. What do you watch? What do you listen to? Do you even really need your TV? Is there a point in watching negative 'news' all the time?

We are being brainwashed and conditioned to accept sin. And this process is so subtle that unless we ask God to open our eyes that we may see, we will all perish.

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